HOST Carpet Cleaning

HOST Green, Clean & Dry for carpet & grouted tile floors

HOST is a safe and effective green floor cleaning system made from 100% plant-based resources. Deep clean your carpet or tile floors without the need for water or toxic chemicals. With HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner, you can safely clean your carpet of dirt, debris, dust mites, mold, and other allergens.


Non-toxic • 100% Plant-Based • Environmentally Preferred

Saves Water & Energy • Safer For Children & Pets • Easy To Use

Woman using HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System
HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Rent our HOST Dry Cleaning Carpet Cleaner!

HOST dry cleaning carpet cleaner and rug cleaner is the leading dry extraction cleaning system. HOST is recommended by carpet manufactures worldwide and meets Green Seal's environmental standards for industrial cleaners.

Whatever your carpet cleaning needs, Abbey Carpets N' More can help you get your carpets the cleanest they can be at the best price.

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